Athletic Training at Graduate Level Gives Students Faster Start to Careers

Otterbein University is launching a new Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program in partnership with Columbus State Community College that will offer a fast and affordable path to the workforce.

 Athletic Training at Graduate Level Gives Students Faster Start to Careers“The new 2+3 Master of Science in Athletic Training partnership with Otterbein University creates an affordable pathway for students to careers in athletic training,” said Rebecca Butler, executive vice president of enrollment management and student services at Columbus State. “As the only partnership of its kind on Ohio, this represents an incredible opportunity for our students and the central Ohio community.”

This new program gives students a major advantage: they can take the majority of their required pre-requisite courses in their first two years at Columbus State and earn an associate degree in exercise science before coming to Otterbein, where they will earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degree in three additional years.

“In two years at Columbus State, students can become much more prepared to pursue a degree at a great institution like Otterbein,” said Don Laubenthal, professor and coordinator of exercise science at Columbus State. “Otterbein carries a great reputation, and many students are attracted to the idea of this type of transfer partnership. The exercise science major can provide numerous and capable students to Otterbein which will benefit both institutions.”

Students will enter Otterbein as an allied health major with a concentration in pre-athletic training and participate in hands-on orthopedic knowledge and skills acquisition courses, helping to lay a strong foundation before the athletic training portion of the program.

“This unique curriculum pathway provides our students a leg up on other pre-athletic training programs that only require the pre-requisite courses for formal admittance,” says Joan Rocks, athletic training program director.

At the end of four years, students can choose to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in allied health before moving into the graduate program.

Combining the technical and the analytical is what an Otterbein liberal arts education is all about. Students enrolled in the program will not only receive technical training in new facilities, but also take courses outside of their major to ensure they become quality, well-versed critical thinkers.

“The 2+3 program is huge for us and the student. These unique options for all students really speak to Otterbein’s continuing flexibility and program diversity to meet student needs,” said Dr. Shelley Payne, associate professor. “I look forward to having students at Otterbein who already have a strong exercise science background from Columbus State and helping them become outstanding athletic training professionals.”

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