Cedarville Alum Featured on ‘Good Morning America’

The photography and videography of a Cedarville alum was featured recently on “Good Morning America” as part of its COVID-19 coverage.

Cedarville Alum Featured on 'Good Morning America'

David Ward, a 2019 Cedarville grad, captured the images for 8Up, a rooftop restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. The small business attracted media attention for its innovative approach to socially distanced dining pop-up igloos.

“It was really cool to see my name and my work on a national broadcast,” said Ward.

Ward was connected to 8Up through Dustin Stutzman, a member of his church who works as the area director of sales and marketing for First Hospitality in the Louisville region. When Stutzman mentioned Ward to the business owners, he was commissioned to capture images for 8Up, the Hilton Garden Inn that sits below it and The Henry Clay, an affiliated event venue.

While studying communication at Cedarville, Ward worked as a student photographer for Creative Services, a department within the marketing and communications division. He covered  sports and campus events, including chapel, and captured general content for the university.

“Being in a position of doing school and having a busy schedule, but also being purposeful about capturing content and then holding true to a promise of delivering that content at a certain time prepared me for what I’m doing now,” said Ward.

Ward currently works as a communications specialist for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he assists with email marketing, website design and photography. He also provides photography services for events, such as weddings, and commercial businesses.

But photography is more than a hobby or a career path for Ward. It is a passion.

“If I can capture something so well that somebody feels like they’re falling into it, like they’re there, and it can be a faithful representation of what God has created, then that’s wonderful. I think that’s a gift from God,” said Ward. “My photography is just a medium through which someone can experience God’s glory.”