CPFI Cedarville Chapter Awarded Grant for Influenza Vaccines

The Cedarville University chapter of Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) has been awarded a $500 grant to provide free influenza vaccines.

The $500 Hands and Feet Grant will provide 50 doses of influenza vaccine to the Health Partners Free Clinic in Troy, Ohio. Cedarville students will administer the vaccine free of charge.

“Being able to serve our community as health care providers is what we are passionate about,” said Corri Adams of Akron, Ohio, a second-year professional pharmacy student and president-elect of Cedarville’s CPFI chapter. “This year has shown us new ways in which we can provide services to the people around us.”

Dr. Justin Coby, a preceptor for Cedarville pharmacy students at the free clinic, shared with students his hope to provide free flu shots for the local community. After hearing this, Erin Ballentine, a third-year professional pharmacy student and president of Cedarville’s CPFI chapter from Walkersville, Maryland, presented the need to Cedarville’s CPFI executive board, and together they put together an application for the CPFI Hands and Feet Grant.

“I was glad we were able to serve the Health Partners Free Clinic in this way because of how their staff has poured into our learning as student pharmacists,” explained Ballentine. “I believe what made our report stand out the most was how we expressed the need we saw in the community and how we would be able to administer these vaccines and serve these people in such a tangible way.”

Last year, students received a similar Hands and Feet Grant that provided blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring devices to the Springfield Soup Kitchen in Springfield, Ohio. Cedarville students would conduct screenings when serving at the kitchen, but without Cedarville students present, there was no way for community members to monitor their own health. Because of last year’s grant, people are able to check their blood glucose and blood pressure whenever the soup kitchen is open.

“I am inspired by this chapter’s efforts to regularly and selflessly find ways to help the less fortunate in our corner of Ohio,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bates, CPFI chapter advisor, associate dean of the school of pharmacy and associate professor of pharmacy practice. “Cedarville’s efforts to write these grants was well thought out and closely matched the criteria of CPFI. The students did a terrific job of matching needs with the granting organization’s wishes. I’m so proud of their efforts!”