Pharmacy Graduate from Cedarville On ACCP Advisory Committee

Cedarville University 2020 pharmacy graduate Dr. Jared Vega has been accepted into the American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s (ACCP) National Resident Advisory Committee, serving as a liaison between ACCP and residents across the nation.

Pharmacy Graduate from Cedarville Now ACCP Advisory CommitteeHe will also contribute to ACCP initiatives that prepare students for postgraduate education.

“I am passionate about further training for pharmacists beyond pharmacy school,” said Vega. “I am excited about the direction pharmacy has been headed, and I want to contribute to this expanding clinical role in any way I can.”

Vega, the pharmacy graduate originally from Canton, Ohio, is currently a resident at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. On the resident advisory committee, Vega’s first responsibility is to host ACCP’s “Emerge from the Crowd” programming at its annual meeting on October 24. He will be on a question and answer panel that will allow pharmacy students to explore the process of preparing for postgraduate education.

After that, he will prepare podcasts, newsletters and social media posts.

“Cedarville instilled me with the desire to use my God-given abilities to their fullest extent,” explained Vega. “It allowed me ample opportunity to develop leadership skills and the ability to work in groups that this position requires and a servant mindset that wants to help others in any capacity I am able.”