Riyadh Schools, Franklin University Partner through Global Program

Franklin University, a leading educator and partner to a number of  global institutions, is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Riyadh Schools, a premier K-12 system in Saudi Arabia. Developed through Franklin University’s Global Programs and International Institute for Innovative Instruction (“The Institute”), the partnership is aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of learners, societies, and professions, by leveraging the University’s expertise to develop training for Riyadh’s entire teaching staff.

Riyadh Schools, Franklin University Partner through Global Program“Franklin University is an institution known for its expertise in providing high-value-added educational services,” shared Dr. Godfrey Mendes, senior vice president of global programs and strategic initiatives. “Through this newest global partnership, we continue to fulfill our mission to provide the broadest possible community of learners to achieve their goals and enrich the world.”

Training includes a series of 12 webinars that offer successful instructional strategies that can be implemented online or in person.

Today’s announcement continues the Institute’s work developing instructional design, multimedia development, assessment, and faculty development opportunities for organizations locally and internationally. By uniting curriculum design, teaching and learning assessment, the Institute’s technology training professionals work creatively and collaboratively to create engaging, effective and customized learning experiences to meet the needs of partners around the world.

“Teaching and learning in the 21st century is a global, collaborative activity,” shared Dr. Patrick Bennett, Vice President, International Institute for Innovative Instruction & Dean, School of Education, Franklin University. “The Institute and the School of Education is a global change leader in the development of learners, educators, and leaders who have innovative thinking about teaching and learning and to empower them to lead their organizations toward transformative change.”

To learn more about Franklin’s International Institute for Innovative Instruction and its instructional design services, visit the Institute page: https://www.franklin.edu/institute