Equine Massage Certification Program Available at Lake Erie College

Lake Erie College announced the addition of an Equine Massage Certification Program for the Fall 2020 semester. Students in the College’s Equine Studies programs, including Equestrian Facility Management, Equestrian Teacher/Trainer (English), Equine Business Administration, and Equine Therapeutic Horsemanship will be able to earn a Certificate in Equine Massage Therapy. Lake Erie College is the only four-year college in the nation to offer instruction and certification in equine massage therapy for academic credit.

Equine Massage Certification Program Available at Lake Erie CollegeDr. Pam Hess, equine veterinarian and Dean of the School of Equine Studies at Lake Erie says, “Equine massage therapy is a growing industry in the equestrian world, and helps equine athletes with relaxation, improved performance, and overall well being. Our Certificate program is designed to complement the excellent traditional medical care and horsemanship taught by our equine studies faculty. The curriculum includes two courses dedicated to the study and practice of equine massage, 50 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction in scientific and experiential study, and builds on existing coursework in equine anatomy and physiology and equine health.

“Students will practice their techniques on the college’s large diverse herd of school horses, gaining valuable experience before earning their Certificate in Equine Massage Therapy from Lake Erie College. This comprehensive training and certification provides our students with a competitive edge in the marketplace for highly-skilled equestrian professionals in a wide range of employment positions across the country.”

This certificate program is supplementary to a degree in Equine Studies. Only students currently seeking a BS degree in Equine Studies will be eligible for the Certificate program.