Hospitality Management and Tourism Program at Malone University

Malone University has announced the launch a new academic program in Hospitality Management and Tourism to prepare students for roles in the world’s largest service industry. It is the only program of its kind in Stark County. Students who are interested in careers in hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, theme parks, tour operations, travel agencies, resorts, and convention & visitors bureaus will benefit from a broad-based foundation in the current fundamentals of hospitality management and tourism.

Hospitality Management and Tourism Program at Malone University“As we grow closer to seeing the Coronavirus pandemic in the rearview mirror, there is great need in the hospitality and tourism industry,” said Malone Provost Greg Miller. “Corporate chains and small businesses alike will need time to recuperate, and the servant leadership that we model to Malone students will help them stand out in an industry that is aching for renewal. Our location allows students to gain experiential learning opportunities with our many partners throughout Northeast Ohio so that they are employment-ready upon graduation.”

Students in the program will get hands on learning opportunities in the form of 300 hours of paid internship work in businesses and industries throughout the region. The program will allow students to couple Hospitality Management and Tourism with another passion such as majors in business, communication arts, music, or sport management.

“As Canton’s university, Malone seeks to prepare students to serve the church, community and world,” said Miller. “A significant key to national and international economic recovery over the next few years will rely on the health of the tourism industry. Our graduates will be equipped to make a transformative contribution in those settings.”

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